The Clinical Team

The clinical team includes the 3 General Practitioners, 2 Paramedics, 2 Nurses and a Health Care Assistant.

Two of the doctors are part-time, the days they work are noted against their which you can read here. Unfortunately, due to staff leave or sickness, the days may have to change due to providing cover but the main pattern is noted.

The nurses often work alongside each other. More…

The Administration

The practice manager Christine Read leads the administration team with her deputy practice manager Siobhan Burns

The receptionists are Diane, Natalie, Shirley, Francesca, Sam, Maria,Kellie,Vicky and our apprentice Amelia.They are all here to help you. Please help them to help you.

Attached Staff

We also have a range of health services staff attached to the practice covering District Nurses, a District Nurse for the homeless, Health Visitors and Flying Start, a Practice Counsellor and Midwife services. More…