Well Woman Clinic

This is run during normal surgery hours. You can book an appointment for a smear with the nurse but please tell reception what it is for so that the appropriate time may be given for the appoinment. Smears are best performed in the middle of your menstrual cycle i.e about a week after your period has finished.

It is best to wait until 3 months after having a baby or a termination of pregnancy before having a smear because this can cause inaccuracies in the test that result in a higher level of abnormal smears.

Smears are repeated 3 yearly in Wales and earlier if you have abnormal cells on your smear. Screening starts at age 20 and ends on your 65th birthday. It is still important to have a smear as you get older, even if you are no longer sexually active. If you do not want to have a smear, please come in and talk to us. We will try and address your concerns and support you to have your smear but if you are fully informed and still do not wish for screening, you can opt out and you will no longer be called for screening, unless you change your mind.

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The nurses can discuss breast examination with you or if you feel you have a gynaecological problem and would like to discuss it with the doctor, please feel free to book an appointment. You will probably be asked to return on a different day for an examination, if it is required.

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