Travel Immunisations and Antimalarials

Please make a 15 minute appointment with the nurse to discuss your vaccination requirements, at least 8 weeks in advance so that the vaccinations have time to act. When planning your trip, for useful advice regarding the immunisations you may require click here.
However, it is still important to check these with the nurse because the recommendations can change over a short space of time.

Antimalarials are not available on a NHS prescription. The nurse will give you a private prescription and you will need to buy your medications from the pharmacy, it is worth shopping around for the best deal.

Please make sure you take out adequate travel insurance before you travel. If you have an accident/ illness whilst abroad, the holiday insurance company will usually contact us for an urgent medical report before they will authorise payment to the hospital. You also require a European Health Insurance card before you travel. To obtain one for NHS patients click here.

We do not currently offer yellow fever vaccination but can let you know your nearest yellow fever vaccination centre.

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