Butetown Medical Practice, Dr Kay Saunders & Partners, was founded in 1997 by Dr Kay Saunders and Christine Read (Practice Manager and Business Partner).


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Our practice area covers Butetown, Grangetown, Atlantic Wharf, Cardiff Bay, and Windsor Quay.  It is bounded to the North and West by the railway line, thus NOT including most of the City Centre.  To the South its boundary is the River Ely.  To the East it is the Central Link A4234 dual carriageway.


We have experienced a large increase in our patient numbers over the last few years, especially since moving into our new building.  This reflects the continuing growth in the local population.  During this time, the resources have not risen in parallel with the increase in work.  This is still the case, but we hope that by streamlining some of our practice processes we can cope with a growth in our list size.  It is clear that a practice can handle list growth or high turnover of patients but not both.  We experience both of these, and therefore are in a very difficult situation with the resources available to us.



Initially the practice was run from a room in the South side of the old health centre.  Following much liason with the Local Health Board, and two phases of alterations, we expanded in the old building to 3 consulting rooms and a treatment room. The new health centre is part of the Loudoun Square development.  We opened in the new health centre on 14th May 2012.


Dr Saunders was joined by Dr Fenton-May in April 2008.  Drs Maria Johnson, Jill Davies and Kamila Hawthorne joined in early 2011.  Dr Manish Garg worked with us from October 2008 to July 2011, Dr Mair Strinati from April 2011 to August 2012,  Dr Claire Campbell from September 2012 to November 2013.  Dr Fenton-May wished to leave in March 2013, and being unable to fill her vacancy was the tipping point to having to stop accepting new patients.  She agreed to stay for longer, and we have finally allowed her to retire on 30/6/14.  Dr Simon Braybrook joined us on 1/7/14.   From autumn 2008 to July 2015, the list of patients has grown gradually from 1,700 to nearly 7000.


The practice should be in a very exciting phase to match our new building.  We were hoping to develop new services for our patients whilst remaining true to our underlying ethos of excellent quality medical care and patient access – however we had so many new patient registrations, and those patients to look after for normal general medical services, that we had had little time for development. Our priority at present is to provice high quality normal general medical services to those resident in our practice area.


  • Dr Kay Saunders & Partners

    Butetown Health Centre
    Loudoun Square
    CF10 5UZ
    Tel: 029 20 483 126
    Fax: 029 20 471 879

  • General Practitioners

    Dr Kay Saunders
    Dr Jane Fenton-May
    Dr Jill Davies
    Dr Maria Johnson
    Dr Kamila Hawthorne

  • Practice Nurses

    Sister Jacqueline Haines
    Sister Valmai McDonald

  • Practice Manager

    Christine Read